Wenqi Ouyang (欧阳雯琪)

Email: vinkeyoy@gmail.com

Links: [Google Scholar] [GitHub]

About me

I am currently a research associate at MMLab@NTU, advised by Prof. Xingang Pan. I previously served as a senior research engineer at Damo Academy, Alibaba Group, where I focus on researching video enhancement and editing, working with Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie and Lei Zhang. Prior to joining Alibaba, I earned my M.Sc. degree in computer science and technology from Tsinghua University. I also hold a B.Sc. in fundamental physics and mathematics from Tsinghua University.

My research interests span several areas, including deep learning, computer vision, and image and video generation and editing. I am also interested in exploring the applications of natural language processing in multimedia analysis.


Working Experience